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                                                                                                             from stables to the table... we MEAT your needs in style.



We are a 21st century meat and poultry processing company with a feel of international touchstone and we have been duly licensed by the National Agency for Food and Drugs Administration and Control (NAFDAC).

We have completed a world-class meat and poultry processing plant in the heart of Ibadan, Oyo-State and we are fully in business to and around the South Western Region of Nigeria with a vision to expand to all geo-political zones in the country.

At Winchester Meat/Poultry Processing Farm we provide quality fresh meat and poultry product processing services to our customers within the South Western Region. From regular meat slaughtering, to custom slaughtering, to providing retail services, we do it all.

Part of the quality services we offer our  customers are:

Ø  Meat Processing

Ø  Meat Supplies in Kilogram

Ø  Custom Slaughtering

Ø  Bulk Poultry Product Processing

Ø  Beef Sausages

Ø  Unrivaled Retail Customer Services

Ø  Location Delivery Services 


At Winchester farms we provide one of the best customer services and the testimonies are amazing. 

We take our time in the Meat processing business while taking into consideration our customers' needs. From the Chuck, to the Ribs, to the Brisket, to the Fore Shank, to the Short Plate, to the Flank, to the Round, to the Short Loin and the Sirloin we will process and deliver with precision and complete attention to details.

Our principle as an organisation is based on Friendship, Partnership and Relationship thereby making our customers, our family.

Stop by or give us a call today for your orders.




                                                                                             from stables to the table... we MEAT your needs in style.


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